Community Life

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Community is the life-force in cohousing and the common house is the heart. Residents at Nevada City Cohousing have the option of enjoying six common dinners a week here. Members may gather over the morning paper and coffee to start the day. Children play together in the kid’s room or in our forest. You might find a yoga class, crafting circle, music lesson, clothing exchange, game night or teens working on their homework here on any given day.

We celebrate the seasons together with gatherings that deepen our connection and remind us of why we have come together. We are beginning to create our own traditions which include starting the New Year with a dance for all ages, Spring Fling Dance & Equinox celebrations, long summer days and warm nights around the barbeque and pool, a Fall Harvest Festival, and a Winter Advent Spiral. Holidays are celebrated both with large community events and smaller neighborly gatherings.

Perhaps the greatest gift in cohousing is the simple daily exchanges with neighbors that don’t always get captured in photos but surely make us smile. Our lives are enriched by the ease of borrowing a cup of flour or a party dress, catching a ride to a doctor’s appointment, help with a sick child or exchange of plants and recipes, help when your car won't start. Newspapers are shared, carpooling happens, camping equipment is borrowed and we even sometimes will try something new that without the support or encouragement from a neighbor, we might not have tried on our own.